Where did the idea for Brand of Justice and JusThis come from?  I've had a storied career that involved me seating in the best seats in the house as I stared at a crazy thing called human behavior. I started writing and was called out because 'people need to believe in those who serve and protect them'. Meanwhile the Suitcase Murders happened. Then a crazy thing now simply known as Ferguson reared its ugly head. Andy Steele guns down his wife and sister-in-law. Knowledge is always at the head of any positive, constructive social change. Read away.

How long did it take you to write your stories and are the stories related?  I was developing these stories for years. My experiences roll into the stories. You may be disturbed with my books, but rest assured . . . they are plausible. The stories aren't written in the usual style of an antagonist being hammered by the glory of a perfect protagonist. Nope, reality always seems to surge to the surface in my stories. My stories are not related.

Who is your ideal audience?  People who are in the need to know. Who want to see it for what it is. Who get it. Who read my stories to improve their lot in life and not for cute lingo or proper wording.  My stories are for those who have a desire to understand some of the insane experiences of everyday life without getting hung up on their own sense of intellectual superiority.

What are the 1 to 3 key messages that emerge from reading your novels?  Nobody is perfect. The police are somebody and thus they ain't perfect. Power is an awful responsibility for those who have it. We all must protect ourselves from a Hungry System before it devours us. 

When did you know you were an author?  I've told my stories and attempted to make some sense out of the senseless. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the law enforcement community. I've been told my stories are dark and well written but not plausible. But then officers zoom into the headlines with activities that certainly lend credence to everything I write. Nobody is perfect, cops are somebody . . . thus the police aren't perfect. The playing field needs to be leveled and I'm doing my best with my keyboard. The barbarians aren't at the gate any longer, they are running amuck . . . among use.

What else do you want others to know about you or your books?  My stories parrot life and its surrounding issues. My stories are not commercial tales intended to merely entertain. My stories highlight different aspects of life and the outcomes of choices. Rape is never pretty and neither is my first story, Justice, which slips into the head of a sexual offender. The abuse of police authority has an awful downside which is explored in Brand of Justice. Oh, remember folks, I wrote Brand of Justice before Ferguson and so on.

Brand of JusticeJusThis showing up across America

Stunned and Seething after spending 30+ years policing. So why the stories? What gives? A gazelle doesn't survive pretending a lion is big and fluffy living only on carrots. Innocence doesn't survive pretending the police are big and fluffy and on your side. Nope. I saw it with my own eyes. Nobody is perfect. The police are somebody and therefore they're not perfect.  Once they get after you or yours . . . Innocence is stomped, Life's are brutalized and Trust is destroyed. Do something, learn, talk to your kids and be vigilant. You have to stand up for yourself because nobody else will. Trust me . . . I'm'ma Professional.


​Reviews from Around the World

JusThis is a book involving a police chief and his wrongful sense of entitlement resulting in rape. Brand of Justice is a tale involving one young man's struggle to address police misconduct, a false confession, and wrongful conviction.

Just a little Q&A

Blessed be the seekers of the Truth.

Review from Austin Herald Newspaper - Curt Rude . . . Take one dose of his prose. After 4 hours, call a friend and tell 'em, you can't put this book down.

Review from the Total Writer - "Curt Rude captures what many run from - the truth - in this captivating story of greed, lust and ego fueled off vulnerable human emotion. Dark, yet, captivating, these fast moving stories will have you on the edge of your seat."

Review from Norfolk, United Kingdom - Once I got used to the American dialect, I loved Brand of Justice. It was a very good story, that could so easily have been true. It was so well thought out with very good, solid characters. What the author had his characters doing was brilliant, then how things got 'rigged' so drastically was a great inclusion. This book had a few surprise twists in the tale and I was encaptured all the way through. Five Stars out of Five Stars.

Review from Goodyear, Arizona -  Are you into suspense, who did it books? Ones that will keep you guessing until the end, hold your attention, then Brand of Justice is for you! Tinkey and Dub are friends who have their futures planned after they graduate from highschool. Then a murder happens and one of them is accused of it. How did the murder happen? Did anyone else see it like the police did? This is a story about true friendship and how youngsters have to make things right again. Thanks Curt Rude for a great read. Five Stars out of Five Stars.

Review from Nikki of Goodreads - ​JusThis was an interesting read! It's definitely a worthwhile book. It's also interesting knowing the background of the author. I googled his name and it really shows he knows what he's talking about. It looks like he came out with a second book, Brand of Justice, it'll be interesting to see how his writing has developed.

I never Whine and Complain . . . I Wine and Explain. Remember to live in your dreams, not your past. My next piece of Social Fiction is on the way.