"What's black and white and read all over? Curt Rude's latest book!"

                                                  Columnist Lee Bonorden

The Austin Daily Herald wrote . . . "Take one dose of Rude's prose. After 4 hours, call a friend and tell 'em, you can't put the book down."

The Austin Daily Herald

Bob Vilt: War Hero, Columnist, Lover of The Truth, Author and Dear Friend. You'll be missed.


                                  The Passionate Jihadist

There are a lot of really engrossing, full details that drive the story along. The opening vignette about Yushua and the rooster is indicative of this, and the way that bird imagery is interwoven throughout the narrative makes for a great unifying technique. Even metaphorical language is utilized effectively and visually: "The shame settled on him and lingered like mulberry stains on his fingertips".

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